The purpose of the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is simple:

 Provide professional perspective to undergraduate officers

 Give feedback on action plans to help create a “culture” for long-term success

 Keep the team of alumni up-to-date on colony operations

While these simple tasks will be broken down further below, it is important to remember the three key elements to

help ensure long-term success.

Makeup & Overview

Rather than one individual working with an entire chapter or colony, the AAB is a team of 8 to 12 volunteers

assembled to share the workload of the traditional Chapter Advisor position. It may include Sigma Nu alumni of

the local chapter, as well as local alumni from other chapters. This model creates a larger pool of alumni skills,

preventing one or a few individuals from experiencing “burnout.”

Responsibilities and Time Commitment

The time commitment is between three and six hours each month, either in person or via phone. As an advisor,

there are three different roles that you will serve, each with specific responsibilities which are described in detail:

Working with the AAB: You will be a part of a high-performing team of volunteers working toward a

common goal. This includes:

o Attending AAB meetings and/or AAB conference calls

o Assisting the AAB Chairman with organizing and managing the AAB

o Sharing coaching experiences with the group

o Holding yourself and others accountable to the team

Working with the Colony: You will be available as a general advisor to the colony at-large. Drawing

from your AAB training, as well as your Fraternity and life experiences, this is an opportunity to be a

mentor to young men in the colony/chapter. This includes:

o Being visible to the colony

o Attending colony meetings – one or two each term

o Assisting with recruitment (sending referrals, attending recruitment activities, etc.)

o Facilitating LEAD sessions

o Knowing and understanding the Fraternity and its programs and policies

o Attending other appropriate colony functions/activities

Working with your Officer: You will be an advisor to one of the colony/chapter officers. In this role

you will become proficient in his area of chapter operations and work with him and his committee in the

planning, organizing, and execution of their plans. This role includes:

o Building a relationship with your officer

o Keeping regular communication with your officer, in person or via phone

o Knowing and understanding officer duties and responsibilities

o Assisting with officer training and officer transitions

o Being involved with the committee, attending meetings in person and/or via phone

o Being familiar with Sigma Nu’s laws and policies, including The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity,

Inc. and Sigma Nu’s Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines.

It is important to deal in specifics. Don’t ask how things are going. Ask for the specific, written plan and

calendar for implementation. You will know what is going on and be able to give feedback on specific areas