How to get back in touch with Sigma Nu

Hello Alumni Brothers of Sigma Nu at the currently #5 ranked Baylor University!

Many might have come here based on a variety of contact methods – sorry about that. As we said in the previous post, we are looking to re-engage with fellow alumni and see where things go from there. Based on that, we need to validate names and addresses of interested alumni. If you are no longer interested in updates, that’s fine too. Just let us know and we will stop spamming you :)

With that said, here are the locations of where you can re-engage:

Questions and Address Updates:
Facebook Group:
Twitter: @BaylorSigmaNu

Based on current demographics, we have created time zone contacts in case you are looking to get together, plan an event, etc. They are:
East Coast – Randy Jones
DFW Area – Steven Dodson
Houston Area – David Roberson
West Coast –

If you are interested in being a contact in your city/region, please let us know through the Facebook group, or We would love the help.

This is an exciting time for Baylor, and it is our hope to capitalize on this excitement as well for Sigma Nu.